CS 121 was created by Harry Lewis in 1978 (though it was called AM 108 until CS got its own prefix in 1983) and taught mostly by him from then until 2016. Harry credits much of the course’s success to the wonderful teaching fellows he’s had over the years, many of them now faculty at Harvard and other universities, including Sanjoy Dasgupta, Bill Gasarch, Joe Hellerstein, David Karger, Michael Kearns, Lillian Lee, Milena Mihail, Michael Mitzenmacher, Grant Schoenebeck, Salil Vadhan, and many others.

Harry Lewis

See Madhu Sudan’s webpage for the Fall 2020 and Fall 2021 offerings.

CS 121 Fall 2022 staff

Name Position Email Photo
Boaz Barak (he/him) Instructor boaz@seas.harvard.edu
April Chen (she/her) Head TF aprilchen@college.harvard.edu
Daniel Sheremeta (he/him) Extension TF danielsheremeta@college.harvard.edu
Elijah Tai (he/him) Patel Fellow elijahtai@college.harvard.edu
Alvin Zou TF alvinzou@college.harvard.edu
Christy Jestin (he/him) TF christyjestin@college.harvard.edu
Diego Gutierrez (he/him) TF diegogutierrez@college.harvard.edu
Evan Howard (he/him) TF evanhoward@college.Harvard.edu
Fabrizio Serafini TF fserafini@college.Harvard.edu
Gabriel Wu (he/him) TF gabrielwu@college.harvard.edu
Lucy Jiao (she/her) TF Lucyjiao@college.harvard.edu
Matthew Smith TF matthewsmith@college.harvard.edu
Priya Malhotra TF priyamalhotra@college.harvard.edu
Ye Joo Han (she/her) TF yejoo_han@college.harvard.edu
Depen Morwani (he/him) Volunteer TF dmorwani@g.harvard.edu

Fall 2019 staff

Name Role Email Picture
Boaz Barak Instructor cs121@boazbarak.org
Brian Ramirez Administrator bramirez@gse.harvard.edu
Daniel Chen Head TF chen_daniel@college.harvard.edu
William Burke Extension TF wburke@g.harvard.edu
Serena Davis Patel Fellow serenadavis@college.harvard.edu
Raymond Lin TF rlin@college.harvard.edu
Laura Pierson TF lpierson@college.harvard.edu
Nathan Contreras TF nathancontreras@college.harvard.edu
Richard Xu TF raxu@college.harvard.edu
Nari Johnson TF njohnson@college.harvard.edu
Michele Wang TF michelewang@college.harvard.edu
Prayaag Venkat TF pvenkat@g.harvard.edu
Noah Singer TF noahsinger@college.harvard.edu
William Fu TF wfu@college.harvard.edu
Alex Chin TF alexanderchin@college.harvard.edu
Lana Gorlinski TF lgorlinski@college.harvard.edu
Alex Kieras TF akieras@college.harvard.edu
Pratap Singh TF pratapsingh@college.harvard.edu
Pranay Tankala TF pranay_tankala@college.harvard.edu

Drawing of Boaz by CS 121 student Laura Chapman.

Fall 2018 staff

Name Role Email Picture
Boaz Barak Instructor cs121@boazbarak.org
Brian Sapozhnikov Head TF briansapozhnikov@college.harvard.edu
Albert Chalom TF achalom@college.harvard.edu
Alexis Ross TF alexis_ross@college.harvard.edu
Charles O’Mara TF comara@college.harvard.edu
Daniel Chen TF chen_daniel@college.harvard.edu
David Li TF davidli27606@gmail.com
Jambay Kinley TF j_kinley@college.harvard.edu
Jane Ahn TF jane_ahn@college.harvard.edu
John Shen TF jshen@college.harvard.edu
Josh Seides TF jseides@college.harvard.edu
Laura Pierson TF lcpierson73@gmail.com
Pranay Tankala TF pbt2017@gmail.com
Raymond Lin TF rlin@college.harvard.edu
Theresa Nguyen TF nguyenn@college.harvard.edu
Wanqian Yang TF yangw@college.harvard.edu
William Fu TF wfu@college.harvard.edu
Hikari Sorensen Extension TF laurenhikarisorensen@gmail.com
Eric Lu Patel Fellow ericlu01@g.harvard.edu
Yueqi Sheng Advanced section ysheng@g.harvard.edu
Chi Ning Chou Advanced section chiningchou@g.harvard.edu

Fall 2017 staff

Name Pic Role
Boaz Barak Boaz Barak Instructor
Salil Vadhan Salil Vadhan Co-instructor
Gabe Abrams Gabe Abrams Education Tech
Juan Perdomo Juanky Perdomo Head TF
Mark Goldstein Mark Goldstein TF (extension)
Chan Kang Chan Kang TF (extension)
Aditya Mahadevan Aditya Mahadeva TF
Brian Sapozhnikov Brian Sapozhnikov TF
Gabe Montague Gabe Montague TF
Jessica Zhu Jessica Zhu TF
John Shen John Shen TF
Juan Esteller Juan Esteller TF
Karl Otness Karl Otness TF
Katherine Binney Katherine Binnery TF
Stefan Spataru Stefan Spataru TF
Susan Xu Susan Xu TF
Tara Sowrirajan Tara Sowrirajan TF
Thomas Orton Thomas Orton TF